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1. Are there any tutorials on how to maximize the benefits of the BODYGYM?

You can download the BODYGYM App from the App Store (IOS) or the Play Store (Android) or purchase it directly from our website for full access to all workout videos that teach you how to maximize the benefits of the BODYGYM. Purchase the app here:

You can also follow us on social media for some more BODYGYM tips and tricks!

2. How can I increase the resistance?

You can roll up the resistance band on the BODYGYM bar for more resistance or you can upgrade your BODYGYM experience by purchasing our additional resistance bands here:

3. How should I care for my BODYGYM products?

BODYGYM products are top-quality and therefore do not require complicated care. Just make sure to keep the band away from sunlight, direct heat sources, dampness, and sharp objects, as they are not resistant to cuts or punctures.

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